Fungi, Lichen & Plant Pathology (Botany) 2016-17 Questions

Group – A

  1. What is coenocytic mycelium? What is chitin? Describe the divisions of fungi according to the mode
    of nutrition. Give one example of each division and subdivision.
  2. How are basidia and basidiospores develop in Basidiomycetous fungi? Describe, with figure, the structure of basidium. What is basidiocarp?
  3. What is the disease cycle? What are monocyclic and polycyclic pathogens? Give one example of each. Discuss about any four hypoplastic disease symptoms.
  4. Write down the name of the pathogen, symptoms, disease cycle, and control measures of the disease ‘Stem rot of Jute’.

Group – B

  1. Write down the benificial and harmful roles of Ascomycetous fungi.
  2. Describe the process of asexual and sexual reproduction in Phycomycetes.
  3. What is basidiocarp? Write about the different types of basidiocarp.
  4. Write down the symptoms and control measures of Brown Spot of Rice.
  5. What is a necrotic symptom? Describe any four necrotic symptoms.
  6. Write down how cellulase, hemicellulase, and pectinase enzymes help the pathogens in penetrating host plants.

Group – C

  1. What is the Buller phenomenon? Why is it so named?
  2. Write down the role of insects in the spread of plant diseases.
  3. Distinguish between mycelium and hypha. What is sterigma?
  4. What are diplanetism and polyplanetism? Give one example of each.
  5. Define parasexuality with example.
  6. Define the following :
    a) Phytotoxin
    b) Pathotoxin
    c) Vivotoxin.

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