Fungi, Lichen & Plant Pathology (Botany) 2017-18 Questions

Group – A

  1. What are Conidia? Write a short note on different types of fruit bodies formed due to aggregation of Conidiophores with suitable examples. Distinguish between thallic and blastic conidia. Name one fungi imperfecti producing disease in humans.
  2. What do you mean by sexual compatibility? What are homothallism and heterothallism ? Comment on the role of homothallism and heterothallism in the sexual reproduction of fungi.
  3. What is a toxin? Discuss the role of toxins in plant disease development. Write the full form of IAA. How does Crown gall bacterium induce to synthesize more IAA in host plant ?
  4. Write down the name of the pathogen, symptoms, disease cycle, and control measures of Black stem rust of wheat.

Group – B

  1. What is ascogenus hypha? Describe the process of indirect ascus development with suitable illustrations.
  2. What is gametangial copulation ? Describe the process of sexual reproduction in Rhizopus.
  3. Name the perfect stage of Helminthosporium. Write a brief note on the genus Helminthosporium.
  4. What are meant by predisposing factors? Write about the predisposing factors of Late blight disease of potato.
  5. Distinguish between avoidance and exclusion methods of plant disease control. Discuss about different methods of plant disease control through avoidance of pathogens.
  6. What is systemic fungicide? State the role of systemic fungicide in plant disease control.

Group – C

  1. What is VAM? Mention its importance in agriculture.
  2. What do you mean by planospore ? Draw the labelled diagrams of different types of planospores found in fungi.
  3. What do you mean by unitunicate ascus and bitunicate ascus? Give one example of bitunicate ascus.
  4. Define the following with an example :
    a) Necrotic symptom.
    b) Hypertrophic symptom.
  5. Mention briefly, the effects of pathogen on photosynthesis of plants.
  6. What is quarantine? Name the plant quarantine stations of West Bengal.

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