Microbiology and Algae (Botany) 2012-13 Questions

Group – A

  1. Compare Bacillariophyta with Cyanophyta with respect to general characteristics of their cell structure. Describe the life cycle of Ectocarpus with labelled sketches only.
  2. Give a word diagram of the life cycle of Polysiphonia. Describe the mechanism of formation of its Carposporophyte.
  3. Distinguish between lytic and lysogenic cycles ? Describe briefly the different steps of the multiplication process of T4 bacteriophage by lytic cycle.
  4. Describe the structure of bacterial endospore. Mention its significance. What is binary fission?

Group – B

  1. Describe the structure of a cell wall of a Pinnate diatom.
  2. Describe the method of sexual reproduction in Vaucheria.
  3. Describe the vegetative structure of Oedogonium thallus.
  4. Describe the nucleoid of the bacterial cell in brief.
  5. Describe the structure of flagella of a bacterium. Distinguish between flagella and pili.
  6. Mention the difference between Archae and bacteria.

Group – C

  1. Draw the growth curve of a typical bacterium and describe the characteristics of its main phases.
  2. What is virus? What is meant by virioid ?
  3. Draw the nitrogen cycle and mention the role of bacteria in the cycle.
  4. What is diatomite? State its economic importance ?
  5. Mention the use of algae as food.
  6. Describe the structure and function of heterocyst.
  7. What is Hfr?
  8. State the types of life cycles encountered in algae.

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