Microbiology and Algae (Botany) 2016-17 Questions

Group – A

  1. Give an account of the variations in vegetative structure in algae with suitable diagrams and examples.
  2. Describe the processes of reproduction of Vaucheria. State the systemic position of this alga with supporting reasons.
  3. What is a bacterial endospore? Describe its structure with a diagram. Discuss the stages of the formation of the endospore. Name one endospore-forming bacteria. Why the endospore is resistant to heat?
  4. What is transduction? Describe different types of transduction with labelled sketches.

Group – B

  1. Give an account of the structure and function of bacterial flagella.
  2. Draw a typical Growth Curve of bacteria marking its different phases. Discuss the effect of
    temperature on bacterial growth.
  3. Describe the structure of ‘TMV’ with labelled sketch.
  4. What is an oncogenic virus? What are its influences on an infected animal?
  5. Explain schematically the life cycle of Ectocarpus.
  6. Briefly discuss the structure and role of heterocyst in blue-green algae.

Group – C

  1. How do the algae causing ‘water bloom’ pollute the aquatic environment?
  2. Briefly describe the life cycle of algae having triphasic alternation of generation.
  3. What are the special structural features of the cell wall in Bacillariophyceae?
  4. What additional features are observed in a bacterial cell having ‘F’-plasmid?
  5. Discuss the main features of the bacterial capsule.
  6. What is a viroid? Explain their importance in brief.

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