Microbiology and Algae (Botany) 2017-18 Questions

Group – A

  1. What is meant by bacterial growth? Describe different phases of the bacterial growth curve. What is generation time? Describe how it is calculated mathematically.
  2. Write the salient features of Blue-green algae. Describe the internal structure of an ideal bluegreen algal cell with a sketch. Mention the points in favor of consideration of Blue-green algae as cyanobacteria.
  3. What is meant by transformation? Give an illustrative account of the mechanism of DNA uptake and recombination of DNA in transformation bacteria. Write the differences between generalised and specialised transduction.
  4. Delineate the structure of bacterial nucleoid with a diagram. Describe the steps of bacterial DNA replication. Define plasmid.

Group – B

  1. Describe the chemical structure of the Gram-positive bacterial cell wall.
  2. Describe the structure of capsule layer in bacteria. Mention the functions of this layer.
  3. Discuss the method of Auxospore formation in Centric diatoms.
  4. What is meant by the biogeochemical cycle? Describe nitrogen cycle with an appropriate flow chart.
  5. Discuss different types of alternation of generation in algae with suitable examples.
  6. Give an illustrative account of the life cycle of nannandrous species of Oedogonium.

Group – C

  1. Write the salient features of Red algae.
  2. Mention the types of reserved food found in algae.
  3. Describe the methods of asexual reproduction in Vaucheria.
  4. Give the outline of the classification of living world as proposed by Whittaker ( 1969 ).
  5. Write the structure and functions of bacterial pili or fimbriae.
  6. Write the characteristic features of Bacteriophage.

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