Microbiology and Algae (Botany) 2018-19 Questions

Group – A

  1. Describe the structure of an ideal plant virus with diagram. What do you understand by Viroid and Prion ? What is Cytopathic effect ?
  2. Describe the chemical structure of Gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial cell wall. State the functions of capsule layer of bacteria.
  3. Mention how temperature and oxygen affects bacterial growth. What is the role of Hfr donor cell in bacterial conjugation ?
  4. Write the salient features of algae belong to Chlorophyceae. Describe the life cycle of nannandrous species of Oedogonium with suitable diagram.

Group – B

  1. Describe the different phases of growth of lytic phage with graphical representation.
  2. Draw the ultrastructure of a gram-negative bacterial flagella. Characterise the chromosome of Archaebacteria.
  3. Describe the structure of bacterial endospore with labelled diagram. Mention the reasons behind the heat-resistant property of endospore.
  4. Write a note on the nature of reserved food materials of algal cells. Distinguish between Chloroplast and Chromatophore.
  5. Write the characteristics of heterotrichous, Palmelloid and Siphonaceous thallus organisation in algae with example.
  6. Mention the source and uses of agar-agar, carageenin and diatomite.

Group – C

  1. Write a brief note on the nature and role of normal microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract of human beings.
  2. Mention the role of bacteria in nitrogen cycle.
  3. Write an account on algal phycobiliprotein pigments.
  4. In which class of algae triphasic alternation of generation is observed ? Give the word diagram of such alternation of generation.
  5. Mention the salient features of Bacillariophyceae.
  6. Delineate the process by which the number of bacterial cells increases.

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