Fungi, Lichen & Plant Pathology (Botany) 2012-13 Questions

Group – A What are mycelia and hypha? Discuss different phases of sexual reproduction in fungi. What are primary and secondary mycelia? In which class of fungi do they occur? What is the Buller phenomenon? Write down the process of sexual reproduction in Basidiomycetes. Discuss the structural characteristics of plants that offer resistance to plant … Read more

Microbiology and Algae (Botany) 2012-13 Questions

Group – A Compare Bacillariophyta with Cyanophyta with respect to general characteristics of their cell structure. Describe the life cycle of Ectocarpus with labelled sketches only. Give a word diagram of the life cycle of Polysiphonia. Describe the mechanism of formation of its Carposporophyte. Distinguish between lytic and lysogenic cycles ? Describe briefly the different … Read more

Microbiology and Algae (Botany) 2018-19 Questions

Group – A Describe the structure of an ideal plant virus with diagram. What do you understand by Viroid and Prion ? What is Cytopathic effect ? Describe the chemical structure of Gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial cell wall. State the functions of capsule layer of bacteria. Mention how temperature and oxygen affects bacterial growth. What … Read more

Basic Mathematics (BCA) Questions

Section A Multiple Choice Questions (3 Marks each) In a school there are 20 teachers who teach mathematics or physics. Of these, 12 teachmathematics and 4 teach physics and mathematics. How many teach physics?a) 36b) 12c) 24d) 28 For the propositional variables 𝑝 and 𝑞, 𝑝 → 𝑞 is False whena) Both 𝑝 and 𝑞 … Read more

Fundamentals of IT & Programming (BCA) Questions

Section A Multiple Choice Questions (3 Marks each) The first computer like machine was the Mark I developed by a team from _____and _____University.a) IBM, Astonb) Intel, Harvardc) IBM, Harvardd) Intel, Buckingham The two types of terminals used with mainframe systems are terminal and terminal.a) Dumb, fastb) Dumb, Intelligentc) Smart, Intelligentd) Dumb, large The IBM’s … Read more

Understanding PC and Troubleshooting (BCA) Questions

Section A Multiple Choice Questions (3 Marks each) CPU stands for?a) Control Processing Unitb) Central Programming Unitc) Central Processing Unitd) Control Programming Unit Brain of computer is __.a) Control unitb) Arithmetic and Logic unitc) CPUd) Memor CMOS is also sometimes referred to as __.a) Capacitive metal oxide semiconductorb) Capacitive symmetry metal oxide semiconductorc) Complementary symmetry … Read more