Plant Anatomy & Applied Botany 2017-18 Questions

Group – A What is anomalous secondary growth? Describe anomalous secondary growth in the Boerhaavia stem with proper labelled sketches. Name the different types of permanent tissues in plant. Describe complex permanent tissues with appropriate sketches. Give botanical names of two species of jute cultivated in West Bengal. Briefly describe the method of jute cultivation. … Read more

Plant Anatomy & Applied Botany 2016-17 Questions

Group – A With labelled sketches describe secondary growth in the Dracaena stem. Why secondary growth in Dracaena is considered as anomalous? How different leaf gap types are formed? Explain with suitable sketches. What is branch trace?Mention the functions of leaf gap and branch trace. Give botanical name of the plant, the family to which … Read more

Plant Anatomy & Applied Botany 2012-13 Questions

Group – A What is simple tissue? Classify simple tissue. Describe any two types with a diagram. What isProsenchyma? Describe schematically different types of stomata for example. Name one plant organ that lacks stomata. Write the scientific name, family, and chromosome number of jute. Write three differences between C.capsulasis and C.olitorius. What is retting? What … Read more