Understanding PC and Troubleshooting (BCA) Questions

Section A

Multiple Choice Questions (3 Marks each)

  1. CPU stands for?
    a) Control Processing Unit
    b) Central Programming Unit
    c) Central Processing Unit
    d) Control Programming Unit
  1. Brain of computer is __.
    a) Control unit
    b) Arithmetic and Logic unit
    c) CPU
    d) Memor
  1. CMOS is also sometimes referred to as __.
    a) Capacitive metal oxide semiconductor
    b) Capacitive symmetry metal oxide semiconductor
    c) Complementary symmetry metal oxide semiconductor
    d) Complemented symmetry metal oxide semiconductor
  1. To extend the connectivity of the processor bus we use __
    a) PCI bus
    b) SCSI bus
    c) Controllers
    d) Multiple bus
  1. IBM developed a bus standard for their line of computers ‘PC AT’ called _
    a) IB bus
    b) M-bus
    c) ISA
    d) None of the mentioned
  1. he Boot sector files of the system are stored in which computer memory?
    a) RAM
    b) ROM
    c) Cache
    d) Register
  1. Which of the following is the lowest in the computer memory hierarchy?
    a) Cache
    b) RAM
    c) Secondary memory
    d) CPU registers
  1. Which Motherboard form factor uses one 20 pin connector ?
    a) ATX
    b) AT
    c) BABY AT
    d) All of the above
  1. What determines the type of processor and RAM required for a motherboard
    a) Chipset
    b) CPU
    c) RAM
    d) Cache
  1. ACPI stands for __.
    a) Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Specification
    b) Advanced Configuration and Power Interface System
    c) Advanced Configuration and Power Interconnection Specification
    d) Advanced Connection and Power Interface Specification

Section B

SHORT ANSWERS (5 Marks each)

  1. Which are the three major steps in overclocking?
  2. Explain the organization of memory.?
  3. Explain the working of Bus connection
  4. Explain the working of hard drive.
  5. Explain the features of conventional video adapters.
  6. Write the steps involved in troubleshooting procedure in SCSI system.

Section C

LONG ANSWERS (10 Marks each)

  1. Explain the differentiate between the various Intel Micro Processors.
  2. What is the main difference between old and modern computers?
  3. List the different PCI signals along with their functions?
  4. How do you the resolve the problems in the serial port through troubleshooting?

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